My name is Hendi Permana, everyone just call me hendi.  I’m 19 years old now. I live in Bekasi city exactly in koperpu raya street number 4, Rawalumbu. Now I’m an collage student at Gunadarma University. In there I’m taking information engineering’s majors in industry technology’s faculty.

In my family i’m an only child so i must try my best for make my parents happy. In order to do that I always help my mother to do housework like wipe off and mop the floor, wash my own clothes, and in the weekend i help my parents to clean the whole home.

My hoby is playing game, watching film, reading manga, and sometimes i writing. My favorite game is all square enix  game and another RPG or MMORPG game. I love hollywood movie  a lot. I also mangalover maybe people can call me an otaku. In free time I once a while writing a lyrics, short story or poem.

I’m an easy going person. I can be everyone friends if I like. I hate favor takes in, deceit worker, and conceit person. I’m person that don’t care vicinity. whatever people say i don’t care anymore.


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